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United States
Just another guy, writing and drawing shiz

I am fat, like literally over 200 lbs fat

If you want I could go into detail

Like maybe abit of a roleplayer sometimes...

maybe being a little odd and invalid

I'd like a whole lot of fandoms, so many I couldn't name them all off the top of my head. Dislike some of the bigger fandoms with the worst parts. Though I'm up for some. Call me a weaboo or whatever, to each their own

My birthday is April 27, ignore that 24 bullshiz I accidently set for this account
Welp Valentines is coming up, may aswell draw a few good ol babes and maybe story stuff, who knows. I'll go through the comic soon but for the moment I still need a breather, School and other things can get in the way quick. Anyway that aside I hope ya'll have a good time with your darlings and play it safe


Hired Slime Layna
Mercenary and body guard for hire, rather slick and liquid in her approach with protection targets
JMP Lunatic Templar Armor
Following the Lunar series Armor, this one is built for high speed and high power attacks, with a large sword and shoulder mounted Grenade launcher. Armor lines are designed to emit the green fire JMP exudes as both a venting system and for channeling fire in certain positions 
Fasha - Saiyan Warrior
Fasha, one of Bardock's squad mates and another one of the warrior race's many fighters under Frieza before the Destruction of Planet Vegeta. RIP

Dragon ball (c) Akira Toriyama


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some arts u may enjoy

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